preparing for an espirational time

2 crochet amigurumi donkeys standing beside a manger.

Around this time of year over 2000 years ago, the stage of life was getting set to welcome the birth of the most loved and talked about baby ever born.  A tiny baby who grew up to give the world two things it needed very much. Love and hope. In the spirit of giving, I give you these two sweet donkeys.  The pattern is available here, on my free pattern page and of course at my ravelry store.

I am guest blogging at today and I invite you to take a peek at this site.   Espirational is about “ the things we do to stay positive and remember who we are.”  I get sidetracked easily and I find a visit to Espirational gets me focused and back where I want to be.


Author: gentlestitches

the future is in our hands.

37 thoughts on “preparing for an espirational time”

  1. Thank you for your guest blog post on We appreciate your time on our blogs; both reading and writing.


  2. Your donkeys are beautiful, if only I could crochet! How did you get it to snow? It looks fabulous ( or perhaps it was the hail we had in Melbourne yesterday).


    1. Thank you! I hadn’t named them yet and I am keeping these two as I plan to slowly get a whole nativity set together eventually. I will call the small one Damon! 🙂


  3. Sharon, your festive holiday crocheted donkeys are amazing! I just love the color yarns you chose and the way you’ve “staged” their photo in the manger! Beautiful work, as always 🙂


  4. The donkeys are awesome… Im in love with them (but not showing my children until I have actually made them because I couldn’t stand the whining about another project just now). I saw somewhere recently a free Mary Joesph and Jesus (crochet pattern) you could make a whole nativity! xx


    1. HeeHee! I think I just learnt a valuable lesson from you! (about showing things to children!) Finished my first mousie! Gosh they are fab! and hardly any sewing! I think I will work on a nativity (for next year) 🙂


  5. OMP (oh my pig). This is the best! Just when I think you can’t possibly top yourself – you DO! Way to go Auntie Sharon! XOXO – Bacon


  6. “ the things we do to stay positive and remember who we are.” – sounds like good muti to me! Life too hectic right now, I’m in way over my head 😦 And as for getting distracted, well, all I can say is SQUIRREL .


  7. wow ! these donkeys have some character 🙂 thanks for the pattern. Had a peek at just now. It is such a ‘feel good’ site, I might peep in whenever I need to recharge myself ! How about doing a guest post for me too please 🙂 I mean it seriously. The red carpet awaits your arrival 🙂


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I am madly busy at the moment so I can’t do a guest post BUT I would be really pleased if you would care to re-blog any of my pages.
      I am enjoying your recent squirrely amigurumis! 🙂


      1. Anytime you are free and ready, I would be delighted to have you in my space. I have not so far reblogged any, but will sure explore that 🙂 I am keen to try some of your patterns and will post them when ready 🙂 Happy En and Ben are keeping you smiling !


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