amigurumi rainbow hacky sacks for relieving stress and having fun!

It’s that time of the year when things can get a bit stressful. Here is a guaranteed stress reliever.  A free Hacky Sack pattern available on my free pattern page and in my ravelry store. Use absolutely any type of yarn you like.  I used rainbow or variegated yarn and of course, a size smaller crochet hook than usually recommended.tower of crochet rainbow hacky sacks
Make it and give it to that person you know who is “hard to buy for!” Make it for yourself as a stress buster. Just squeeze, toss or hug.

two doggies playing with a hacky sack
make one for the dogs to play with.

yarn, crochet hooks and hacky sacks
make a smaller one for a cat or children to play with.

Author: gentlestitches

the future is in our hands.

33 thoughts on “amigurumi rainbow hacky sacks for relieving stress and having fun!”

  1. Ah Hacky Sacks and stress relief, it sound like just what I need. I have had a VCE child stress rash around my mouth for a month now…


  2. Great idea! The sun is shining and I needed an excuse to get outside. Thanks for providing one… or two. Think I’ll do some plein-air crocheting and then hacky-sackin’ and soaking up the rays. Love it!


  3. So simple and yet so wonderful idea. Why didn’t I think of that? 😀 Have some veriegated yarn I didn’t know what to use for and this is great idea. Two of my BBs will love it (Binah & Bali dogs). Thanks Sharon!


  4. Sharon – these are wonderful! What new and unique ideas (esp. dog and cat toys) you have!! Loving these, as I’m sure my two cats would also. 🙂 Gorgeous variegated yarn combos here!


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