amigurumi cupcake packaging.

arrangement of knitted and crochet cupcakes
The amigurumi knitted and crochet cupcakes are almost completed which means it is time to package and distribute them. For the first time ever, some of them will be going overseas to other countries so they need to be packaged very securely.  The only other creation of mine to leave Australian soil was “glovely squirrel” who went to live with Pensive Squirrel and I hear they are getting on fine.  If you would like to make a glove squirrel the pattern is  here. amigurumi cupcake inside noodle box.I rather like the look of these paper noodle boxes with the cupcakes inside.
miniature cupcake with nubble icing.

My pattern for the cupcake can be found on my ravelry store but meanwhile enjoy this miniature cupcake with nubble icing inspired by this free pattern.


Author: gentlestitches

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34 thoughts on “amigurumi cupcake packaging.”

  1. Wow so real !! soft, creamy and yummy 🙂 I bet, anyone opening those lovely boxes are going to pop them into their mouths !!
    Cant believe I missed this post 😦


  2. Some are christmas gifts, some are orders and the rest are for end of year Christmas markets here in Melbourne. Next week I am starting on rainbow hacky sacks!


  3. Oh I am so pleased! Thank you so much for this coverage and promotion of my pattern. It is (in my opinion) a Very Good Pattern because it is quick and easy and requires no additional sewing or fiddling about with. 🙂 🙂 🙂


  4. Oh thank you Katherine. I Have been working hard on this design. I wanted something that people could whip up quickly and that didn’t need sewing. Also I am excited at the thought of your crochet course. 🙂


  5. So great! I am happy to report me and “glovely squirrel” are getting along fantastically. We’re never far apart – right now he is cheering me on from on top of my bedroom mirror!


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