Happy Halloween!

front of our house decorated for halloweenHalloween was a big deal here in Westgarth this year, mainly because of the large amount of young children who are now old enough to go “trick or treating”.  We made our fabulous decorations using the instructions from Izabel’s blog EasyCraftsForChildren. We had wave after wave of ghoulish gangs and we set up our trolley in the hallway with 30 bags of lollies, The Amigurumi Zombie Bunnies, Red Back Spider and a horrible fake knife.
Halloween Lolly Trolley. Unfortunately I didn’t count on the volume of children and was soon running very low in supplies. Fortunately for me, my wonderful neighbor 3 doors down has 4 small boys and was well prepared.  when I told her I was running low she immediately offered me extra to keep the show rolling along. Her decorations were amazing and I loved her “scary skeleton photo-op” and the Pirate Ghost.

my son sitting on a bench with a Halloween skelaton

Halloween see pirate witch

jack the dog playing catch with small pumpkin






Jack the dog got into the spirit of things and had fun greeting everyone and playing catch with a toy pumpkin. Hope you had a great day, whatever you did.

Author: gentlestitches

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14 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!”

  1. Thanks Izabel!! Isn’t the internet amazing that our small pocket of Australia ends up beautifully decorated with instructions from easycraftsforchildren?!


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