rising to a crochet challenge.

I  was given a fun challenge which was” make something spotty” for Tricky the poodle.
Tricky the poodle wearing a spotted crochet bow.

 It came about during the  recycling a polka dot frock post. Jennifer from Winter Owls suggested Tricky the poodle might like something spotted too.  So here it is!  A perfect poodle bow made from the same material and also using a sharp crochet hook.

sharp crochet hook



Tricky says “get off that Laptop and take me for a spin!”Tricky waiting to go on a ride in a bike basket!

Author: gentlestitches

the future is in our hands.

31 thoughts on “rising to a crochet challenge.”

  1. Oh Tricky I bet your mum needs your help too..the city is furry busy! we go through when we go to doggy camp if Grannie and grandad go away and it’s very exciting! snuggle in your basket…I am headin to my bed too..i need to get my beauty sleep BOL BOL woofs and Licks Doc xxx


  2. Actually Doc, my Mum rides the bike but I navigate so I help a lot. You are not too forward. I like a dog that barks his mind. I am going to my basket now. Woof!


  3. Oh Tricky…you haz me all flustered…you iz so beautifulz an you can ridez a bike!! Woofs an licks Doc ( I hopez that iz not too forward ) xxx


  4. Oh my goodness, you certainly rose to the challenge! How adorable does she look, very retro, a little french….I LOVE IT you clever thing you!


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