almost launching of amigurumi zombie bunnies crochet pattern

crocheted zombie bunnies outside cemetary Here they come stumbling and muttering….brains……brains! No strangers to Halloween, the Zombie Bunnies were featured here and here.  The pattern will be available from my ravelry shop after the weekend but meanwhile take advantage of the many free patterns available including my quite terrifying pumpkin and other goodies here! detail of zombie bunnies

Author: gentlestitches

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20 thoughts on “almost launching of amigurumi zombie bunnies crochet pattern”

  1. Thanks timethief, I had no idea what a backlink was and certainly didn’t know how to “clean them up” until I “met” you. You explain things so people can understand them.
    My next link will be your post about having your gravatar link to your blog. Sometimes an obviously crafty person likes my blog but when I click on their avatar I can’t find them. This means of course they are losing traffic. Horrors! The worst thing (apart from content theft) Grrr! 🙂


  2. The bunnies are funny and so timely as the season of spooks is upon us. I do appreciate your sharing the link to my post on avoiding creating broken links as a service to your users. It’s great to see important information shared.


  3. Oh too cute!! So appropriate as well. They are filming the Walking Dead series with zombies not too far from us today. So cute!! XOXO – Bacon


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