Easy Crafts for Children Halloween Decorations

Halloween window decorations

 Followers of Izabel’s blog, Easycraftsforchildren  we have had a go at making this window mosaic.  A nice change of pace from frantically crocheting cupcakes, spiders and pumpkins and heaps of fun. Perhaps a bit early to put on the front window yet, but when Halloween gets here, we will be ready!

We are going “all out” this year.What about you? Do you “decorate” for Halloween? 


Author: gentlestitches

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12 thoughts on “Easy Crafts for Children Halloween Decorations”

  1. Oh Vanja! I agree with you! You also come make things I want to try “immediately” but never enough time. 🙂 I am longing to try “red ringlets” for example. I love being your neighbour too. 🙂


  2. 🙂 I like your “BOO” very much! 🙂 I have to start thinking of what I will put in my window this year! but I’m not sure if I should, we will probably be out getting candy with Nate 😉 I LOVE Halloween! 🙂


  3. Dear Sharon,
    I admire how you find time for all those fun things you do 😀 You always come up with something new, something I wanna try immediately…then end up nervous because can’t fit all those wanna do things in my schedule 😀 But that is why I love to be your “neighbor” here so can “peak over” whenever I want 🙂 Thank you so much for great creations, wonderful ideas and for being you, inspiring and amazing friend!


  4. My friend Lauran from TheThinking Closet, has the best ideas for adult costumes. My fave is cerial killer, which is small boxes of cerial tied around you and a pretend knife! Your neck of the woods sounds like fun to be in at Halloween. 🙂


  5. Although there’s not much trick-or-treating in Melbourne, my area seems to be more lively, maybe because we’re a new development. I don’t know. But I started being ready for the kids last year (I had 14 visitors) and this year I’m having a little party. There’ll be lollies for the door-knockers and scarey punch for the grown-ups. Now, what will I wear…?


  6. ooooohooooo that BOO is terrifying! I got a huge fright when I saw it 🙂 We’re not big on Halloween in South Africa, although I see a few orange and black displays in the sweet sections of supermarkets, but not so much that you wouldn’t miss them if you tried even slightly. On the 31st, come early evening, small bands of oddly dressed children will appear in the streets, but (a) they are only allowed to knock at a house if an orange pumpkin sticker is displayed on the window or door, and (b) they are always chaperoned by a parent. So it’s more for the under-7s over here 🙂


  7. Thank you very much Sharon 🙂 You made my day, it so kind of you to write about my blog,. I am so please to give some crafts ideas for you and your children 🙂 Izabel.


  8. That’s cute. I do not decorate for Halloween as we don’t get any trick or treat visitors where we live now. It is a bummer. We used to go all out & even dress up to hand out candy. Now my black cat is my only decoration. 😉


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