I won a competition and you get a free amigurumi pumpkin pattern

Celebration! I have talked of Michell from Suncatcher Craft Eyes before but today I have a really good reason to shout out. I won a competition over there which gives me a voucher for a whole range of Suncatcher Craft Eyes. I am doing my usual “end of year” items for the markets and private sales but I really want to trial some kangaroos. ย In my Suncatcher Craft Eyes Voucher, I have many different types of eyes to try out for my roos.amigurumi pumpkins hanging off purse As you can see, my pumpkins are ready and the free pattern is available here and in my free patterns page under my header. Available of course through ravelry too under gentlestitches.
enjoy yourย ami Pumpkins, perfect for October and the rest of the year.

Author: gentlestitches

the future is in our hands.

29 thoughts on “I won a competition and you get a free amigurumi pumpkin pattern”

  1. Congratulations, I don’t know anyone who has ever won a years supply of eyes before!!!
    Your pumpkins look very sweet peeking out of your bag.


  2. These pumpkins are just beyond fabulous, Sharon! You really do inspire me to take up crochet arts again. I found my crochet hooks and old, OLD knitting needles recently! Now I just need to re-learn again, after all these years. Lovely work you’ve made here, as usual!


  3. I am so glad you like them. Feel free to give the pattern to your friends. My son said it would be possible to make them more scary by changing the mouth expression.


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