small things for yarn along


Joining Ginny this week from small things for yarn along, I have a few small things of my own. I am reading Violet Mackerel’s possible friend written by Anna Branford and illustrated by Sarah Davis.  Loving the Violet Mackerel series and believe there is another one out so I will be getting a copy of that. Violet has some theories which are described as “theories of small things”. They are just fabulous!

My other small things are my delivery of Blue Sky double pointed knitting needles. I am delighted with these. Five (not the usual 4) double pointed knitting needles in very small sizes and equally short lengths.  Perfect for all my small things but in particular my hearts and strawberries.detail-of-tin-of-dpns-from-blue-sky.jpg
What are you making and reading? Grab a button and join in!

Author: gentlestitches

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18 thoughts on “small things for yarn along”

  1. Beautiful little hearts! I’ve just finished reading Me & Rory MacBeath. A heartbreaking yet uplifting too, novel set in Adelaide in the late 70’s.


  2. glad you have your needles for small things 🙂 & reading the book “Anybody out there” it’s not what I expecting from the title of the book but I like it very much 🙂 wish you a great day! 🙂


  3. Great idea! My favorite team is the Avalance, so I could make a coconut avalanche on top.


  4. I don’t know anything about knitting needles, but those sure are pretty. I just finished reading Janet Evanovich’s Wicked Business. It was a fun read. I wasn’t fond of the ending though. I’m trying to decide what kind of cupcakes I’ll be making this weekend. Hockey season starts next week and I need a fitting tribute.


  5. YES! I would love to share them with you. You can grab a copy from “free amigurumi patterns” which are under the koalas at the top of this page or from ravelry.
    enjoy! 🙂


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