Come to Australia and amigurumi redback spiders

amigurumi-redback-spider-side-view.jpgI was born in Australian from a long line of Aussie Bushmen. Drovers, farmers, knitters, crocheters, you get the picture. My family sailed from Europe to outback NSW in 1856  hoping for a better life.   It is a good life here but I think Australia gets a bad rap because of our unique wildlife.

We need tourists to bolster our economy and I thought I could help by showing the more “sensitive side” of our much maligned dangerous critters. I had such success with my australian eastern brown snake that I decided to have a go at a redback spider.


just a nice spider hanging around.





Pattern will of course follow but in the meantime enjoy this video my son bought to my attention and I will get back to making stock for the markets.


Author: gentlestitches

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32 thoughts on “Come to Australia and amigurumi redback spiders”

  1. Ha ha. That song is too funny! I feel like I could write a similar version on behalf of Florida! We have a lot of similar critters…deadly ones, too. Though I love that you’re trying to show their “softer” side with some crochet creations. This is the first time I think I could ever say a spider looked cuddly! Well done, Sharon.


  2. thank you for calling my spider cute. 🙂 I got infectious cellulitis from a white tail once. They are always popping up in my house. I agree, whitetails are definitely creepy!


  3. Oh dear! having a moth trapped in one’s nightie sounds traumatic. I entered a gazebo once and strode across it , only to realize there was a eastern brown between me and the only exit. Not surprisingly I created a new exit and got out unscathed. Your poor brother!


  4. We get them in our front yard for whatever reason, less now we removed all the bushes, but we caught one once and put it in a jar. My sister took it to school and it became a class pet for a day or two. They’re not nearly as creepy as white tails! Bleugh!!


  5. Oh my goodness GS, I’m laughing and laughing! The only really scary Aussie wildlife experience I’ve had is when a Bogong moth (huge) flew down the neck of my nightie and got trapped in the sleeve but my brother in law has been beaten up by a kangaroo…


  6. Now who could be scared of such a cute and stylish (love the hat!) creature? The Tourism Bureau (or whatever government department it is) you give you a medal! Seriously, even his little fangs say “I’m not so bad once you get to know me.”


  7. Shivers. That was a great video. I only had one hoove over one of my eyes – snorts. Thank you my friend for sharing. XOXO- Bacon


  8. HaHa! None of my rels died of “animal” either but I bet they had a pants full of fear from time to time. Particularly when facing the outdoor dunny down the back at night time!!


  9. hell i’ve lived here for 57 years and i’m not dead yet, as far as i know my dead relatives all died from non animal etc reasons great stuff


  10. what a cute spider you did there! not scary at all; just super cute! hi!hi!
    saw the video and laughed about it, poor kid that gets pushed by that kangaroo 😉


  11. Great story and wonderful ami spider. Thank you for educating us every so often. I love to read your stories about Australian wildlife presented through beautiful crocheted animals you make. It is just great!


  12. The Australian tourism commission should use your native wildlife creations in ads to air across the world! Shane had already posted that video on my blog, but it was a hoot listening to it again!


  13. HaHa! Personally I quite like vegemite but my favourite food would have to be legumes and beans, so I rather liked the dish you presented! 🙂


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