Suncatcher eyes and noses for my crochet amigurumi critters

crochet-amigurumi-snuzzle-on-deskPictured today is Snuzzle. The first amigurumi pattern that wasn’t one of mine that my son asked me to make for him and chosen from  Suncatcher eyes free pattern page. Our Snuzzle is a superhero mouse complete with whiskers, tail and a cape.

Snuzzle was a big hit because he stills sits on my son’s desk to this day.  I love his face. Amigurumi faces are all different and this is achieved by using many techniques. These include embroidery, sewing,   painting and of course, safety eyes. I was looking for some more safety eyes and noses when I came across Suncatcher eyes webpage and I knew they were for me.  Handcrafted by fellow amigurumist,   Michelle, they come in a  wide variety of sizes and styles and at a great price. The added bonus was, I was looking at the free pattern page and there was Snuzzle!I had no idea he was an original design by Michele! So if you want eyes and noses for your amis or any other toy making, check this site out.  Suncatcher eyes portal now sits on my sidebar. Easy for you and easy for me.

I close with a small basket of amigurumis with Suncatcher eyes which will hopefully give you a smile.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES


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30 thoughts on “Suncatcher eyes and noses for my crochet amigurumi critters”

  1. The two koalas in the back of the basket are just adorable. The look like just the sort of thing that a little person would love to carry around in their hands all day and take to bed at night.


  2. I am very happy to have you linked to my post and I had a giggle at “Snuzzle going on to become a superhero!” Which is exactly what he did. 🙂


  3. HaHa! Thank you. He is a great fan of amigurumi and of course we both love your creations. His jaw literally dropped when I showed him rainbow donkey!


  4. Thank you so much Sharon! There is no greater compliment than when a toy is well loved 🙂 I’m so glad Snuzzle went on to become a superhero! Hope you don’t mind me linking to your post. I really appreciate your shoutout and support.



  5. AAAGGHHHH! DYING OF CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!! A whole BASKET!?!??! You’re pure evil! Can’t resist……


  6. I wonder if suncatcher eyes are in any way related to kaleidoscope eyes? (Yes, I intentionally replied to Merby’s comment so she’d see my Beatles reference!) 😉

    The eyes look great on the critters! Big, bold, powerful, yet loving…


  7. Snuzzle is great! And those eyes used for little one are beautiful. From what I could see, Suncatcher eyes really have great collection to choose from. Thanks for this very useful info!


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