amigurumi tiny knitted heart pattern.

tiny knitted amigurumi heart

Without any further ado, here is the amigurumi knitted heart pattern, free just for you!  Whatever the occasion these adorable little hearts are just right. Experiment with different yarns, needles and don’t forget to keep one for yourself! If you do make one I would love to hear and even better see about it!


Author: gentlestitches

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17 thoughts on “amigurumi tiny knitted heart pattern.”

  1. yuhuu! As I once mentioned I haven’t been knitting for a long time. Last week tried to make my first knitted doll. Didn’t finish as something to show, but is not so bad either. Need more practice and these hearts came just as ordered 😀 Can’t wait to try them out.
    Thank you!


  2. No you are very smart!! The pattern isn’t there!! I have a technical issue which will be sorted out soon. Thank you and I will edit. Arrrrggggg and LOL!


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