amigurumi and baked cupcakes

boy enjoying baked cupcake

The cupcakes this time were baked, not crocheted! My son looks pleased.baked cupcakes decorated as bees                 
 The top cupcakes are buzzy bees and the lower ones dragons. The young people in my life seem quite pleased with my new endeavours!
children jumping on a trampoline
I finish with another type of cupcake proving popular The amigurumi crochet “Chocolate Cupcake with Pink Icing and decorated with a Raspberry” cupcake.
This one will be for sale in my Ravelry shop, but if you are after a free cupcake hat pattern I leave you with what is in my opinion the best I have ever seen anywhere. Over to you Chilli Con Yarne.




Author: gentlestitches

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19 thoughts on “amigurumi and baked cupcakes”

  1. HaHa! You are welcome. The young ones are delighted in my new found cupcake making confidence. Those wings are wafers the size of a small rice cracker. They came in a kit I got from Aldis in Australia The cupcakes are obviously very sweet so the the wafers which are unleavened bread without sugar and very fine are an excellent and delicious choice. I can email you where you can purchase a packet of plain small disc wafers if you can’t find any in America. 🙂


  2. Those bees are adorable! What did you use for wings? I have a honey cupcake I want to try and I think I want to steal the idea. 🙂


  3. Thank you so much!!! I feel very special at this moment. =) Nothing would make me happier to visit Australia, I’ve wanted to for years. If I ever do, it would be so sweet to meet up in person for tea! Thanks for being such a positive force in my life; I’m so thankful we met ‘virtually’!! =)


  4. love the cupcakes you can eat but I also love the crochet pink icing one! they all look delicious and I’m sure the ones you eat were because they look happy jumping 😉 (I LOVE CUPCAKES)


  5. and you are part of it awesome squirrel! Who knows, perhaps you will visit Australia one day and meet us mad aussies in person! Meanwhile we will keep meeting “virtually”. 🙂


  6. HaHa! YES! My own BB boy! I also want more time to make
    (a) BB boy. (for me to keep)
    (b) fairy with red ringlets. Positively itching to have a go at the ringlets.(again for me)
    The cupcake hat is a triumph! 🙂


  7. Was smiling when saw your son jumping on trampoline and remembering your comment about BB boy with leg up. Now I know why you said it! 😀 Post is great! Love the cupcakes, eatable and those are not. I really have to find time to knit some. There are so many great knitting projects I would like to do. The link to that cupcake hat is marvelous!
    Thank you Sharon


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