G’day Mate!

Reblogging because this is HILARIOUS and not just because my snakes are mentioned at the end. (although I was delighted) Thank you Evil Squirrel!


Evil Squirrel's Nest


tuesday tvThis week for Retro Ad Tuesday, we’re going to wander off to a far away land (Well, it’s far away for most of us).  You know where it is, and even if you’ve never been there before, you know what it’s like there thanks to the extensive pop culture education we all receive throughout our life.

Now close your eyes and clear your mind.  Now what do you think of when someone mentions the country Australia?


Olivia Newton John?

Vegemite Sandwiches?

Ah, here we go….

If you grew up in my generation, you will always associate Foster’s beer with the Land Down Under.  Why?  Because of one of the best commercial beer campaigns of all time, that’s why.  Here’s a classic, and one of the best from the original campaign in the 1990’s…

Most people hear the word “stereotype” and immediately get a negative impression of the word…. and…

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2 thoughts on “G’day Mate!”

  1. Love it 🙂 and I think your snakes could help a lot with any international impression that our land is inhospitable! They could be the new face of Aussie tourism.


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