amigurumi Australian Eastern Brown Snake.

2 australian eastern brown crochet snakes

I live near Merri Creek and there are warnings that the Eastern Brown Snake is active during the warmer months and to be careful. This bloke is easily our most deadly snake but lucky for me it is quite timid and non confrontational.  I have lived near Merri Creek most of my life and have only ever seen 2 and they were retreating.  I do put the dogs on the lead when I am walking them there though.  Jack would antagonize a snake if he saw one by barking furiously.  Best to be safe.  The snakes I have crocheted are no threat to man or beast.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

If you would like to make one I have attached the pattern here. These snakes are friendly and totally harmless and just want to make friends with you.amigurumi australian eastern brown snake on the piano

You can even bring them inside and let them have a look around. This pattern is ideal for the beginner to crochet amigurumi. If you need any help or have a question email me at

Author: gentlestitches

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36 thoughts on “amigurumi Australian Eastern Brown Snake.”

      1. Snakes get a bum rap. As a Scorpio personality, I relate to the way a snake responds quite well at times. It’s like, well, I like people and communicating with everyone — at a distance. But don’t get in my face, or show up unexpectedly, I may growl. I don’t share my space well with creatures who thinks they are bigger than I. (No fingers pointing at anyone. Remember, snakes and scorpions don’t have fingers. HaHa!)


  1. Snakes FREAK me out. I never grew up around them, but since moving to Florida, I’ve encountered two big ones. (One that might have been poisonous.) Buuuuut…that said, this little guy looks cute enough to cuddle with. Nice work, Sharon.


    1. encountering snakes is disconcerting even for the most experienced bushwoman. You are very brave!Thank you so much for leaving a comment and calling my snakes cuddly. My snakes are most definitely the friendly and cuddly type. 🙂


    1. That is a really good idea re scarves! The Snake, Lizard, Croc, shapes would really lend themselves to a scarf. I (like most people on this planet) NEED MORE TIME!!!! LOL!


  2. I love these SO MUCH! And that is high praise coming from such a snake-phobic person as me. They look so delightfully cheerful and friendly 🙂


  3. Yuhuuu! Was looking forward to the pattern. You say it is for the beginners, and it is, but I love it anyways. Sometimes it is not about easy patterns or beautiful ones, but who came up with it. Making a doll or animal out of the pattern that one of my friends have created brings joy to my life. Makes me happy. More to it, I end up with this unique “souvenir” that reminds me of your blog and great patterns or posts you shared. For many this is silly, but for me is happiness!
    Thank you for posting this beautiful pattern and teaching me about Australian Eastern Brown Snake.


  4. these are wonderful but i have to say my wildlife friends have said brown snakes (not these ) are quite aggressive, I live on a wonderful bush block with a permanent creek and have seen a few snake I leave well enough alone. You are a very creative person Deb Warburton


  5. I am glad you like them Bacon and you don’t have too afraid of my dear snakes. In fact I could imagine you playing happily with them. I live near a Creek too and we both have to be wary of the other kind. Fear not! Your Mom and Dad will keep you safe. 🙂


  6. Hess are the only kind of snakes that I think are absolutely gorgeous my friend. I have yet to see you so anything that I have not liked yet. You have amazing talent!
    As far as snakes, my straight tail has curled all the way up in fear. Shivers. We’ve had a few in my magical backyard. We have a creek further back and for some reason they like to come up and sunbathe. Very scary. XOXO – Bacon


  7. Larry and Barry are the cutest snakes I’ve ever encountered. I would be happy to stumble upon them in the wild! They look so at home on your piano. Love their dear smiles.


  8. Thanks for the pattern! Mom promised me my own snake, I’m curious about the end result, because my mom even failed as she tried to make a potholder LOL Have a great sunday!


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