Week in a Fairy Land

You have heard of “The Three Amigos” well this post reblogged from AmigurumiBBs Blog contains patterns from Vanja, Jennifer and Sharon. “The Three Amigurumists”!


AmigurumiBB's Blog

This week was pretty busy! It was al about fairies!

As my older niece’s birthday is coming up this month was n a hurry to start with and finish fairy house I told her the fairies started to build in my garden 😀

Photo that gave me idea to make such house one day popped out on Pinterest.  Fell in love with the houses this young woman is making/creating.  Here is the link to her beautifully fairy house.


You should go and see how wonderful work she is doing!

Here is the house I have been working on.  Construction of the house is made in paper clay. Have the roof done, and walls are painted so far. Now have small work in polymer clay to do. Windows, doors decorations such as flowers…  I am planning on making the house door movable, so my nice can open and sneak peak…

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4 thoughts on “Week in a Fairy Land”

  1. Thank you for commenting. Vanja is hoping to get the fairy pattern out next week. meanwhile if you are new to amigurumi, I am posting a snake pattern which is just right for beginners in the next few days. the Koala is easy but a bit fiddly. Email me if you have any trouble and I can help you with it. It would be my pleasure. 🙂


  2. Holy beans, I am so in love with your fairy! You did wonderfully. I’ve never done amigurumi, but a fairy would be my first project. Somehow. I am soooo in love! 😀

    DreAnna Plaisted
    Simply Knots


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