add free special rice edition plus jam tarts.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESRice. Delicious. Life giving.  This was dinner. It was good. I want to share.

Play games. Help people meet this most basic of needs. Play this game and help . Next week is 40 hour famine in Australia.  Do you have it where you are too?

Moving back to all things crafty I am proudly about to test a pattern for my friend Jill  in South Africa who has a small business called Jam tarts and a blog called “nice piece of work”  It is a certain young ladies 11 birthday soon and this will hopefully be part of her birthday surprise.   jam tarts kit for headband. 

 You have made it this far so I will point out the squirrel origami which I found really difficult and without the help from my son I probably wouldn’t have got this far. One of our critters got jealous of the time I was putting into trying and retrying and come up with a solution of her own. Gee thanks Tricky. I had this idea of 3 squirrels but I guess one is good. 🙂 small dog destroys origami squirrel

Author: gentlestitches

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15 thoughts on “add free special rice edition plus jam tarts.”

  1. I played your rice game until I got knocked out! Loved the surviving squirrel. Tricky reminds me of Ruby, she likes to destroy toilet paper rolls….


  2. Oh wow – Tricky really had an idea all of her own w/that squirrel!! Too funny! But it WAS looking really nice before that. Hehe. That’s how you know you’ve done a great job on a project – as it instantly became her toy 🙂


  3. your little dog is cute and jealous! ha!ha! mine did the same thing to one of my son’s toys when they were home alone 🙂 (Okay, they’ve done it many times now!)
    wish you a great weekend too! 🙂


  4. tricky is very funny as are you,brown poodles are the funniest and the naughtiest


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