Crochet a Koala with This Pattern from Down Under

so pleased to see this lovely little Koala “in the yarn” made by Jennifer from SQUIRREL PICNIC. Always a pleasure to see a design made up.

Squirrel Picnic

KoalaOn the cute scale, I think koalas rank about a 9 – right up there with pandas and piglets. They’re definitely one of the cutest animals in the outback. My friend Sharon knows koala cuteness. In Melbourne, Sharon teaches classes in fiber arts and runs the blog gentlestitches, which features patterns for her aussiegurumi, the name she’s given her adorable crocheted creations.

I made this koala using her pattern. The goatee was my own addition. I’ve always thought that koalas look like they have goatees.

You can make a koala, too, with her free pattern.

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Author: gentlestitches

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16 thoughts on “Crochet a Koala with This Pattern from Down Under”

  1. OMP (Oh my pig)! That koala is so adorable!! I just want to hug him and cuddle him so close. XOXO – Bacon
    P.S. I’m so glad piglets made your huggable scale πŸ™‚ snort oink


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