pigs for yarn along!

Joining Ginny this week for yarn along and talking about books and projects, I present two pigs. Pig 1 is a golden paper pig which of course I call Bacon and my first attempt at origami which I love but find excruciating challenging. I am going to try a squirrel next and the pattern is on youtube.  I hope following along with someone else will make it easier. I would like to make little homes to crate my koalas in when I send them off.Shakespeare,origami golden pig and 1/3  of knitted cardigan
Reading this week  is from the  DK’s eyewitness series and is all about the life and times of Shakespeare. I am using it to promote discussion with my son and to hopefully encourage a lifelong fascination with “The Bard”

Pig 2 is my “project in gift bag”jacket wrap. This is a project I keep near the door and grab if I have to go somewhere in a hurry and don’t have time to put together all the bits that constitute my usual projects. This project hasn’t had much attention lately but then a few minor disasters happened (resolved now) and voilà! The back is finished and a good start to the right front! Not bad for  6 months work! LOL! Anyone else have projects on the go without a specified date? Kind of nice really. The “no hurry” option. Don’t forget you can join yarn along and show us all what you are making and reading. 

Author: gentlestitches

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17 thoughts on “pigs for yarn along!”

  1. Sharon, your origami “Bacon” looks great! I’ve never tried origami but I suspect it is an art for the most patient of people. Your idea to make little homes for your fabulous koalas is superb! I’d feel daunted by that challenge but I know w/your skills and talent, it’ll be just fantastic! Can’t wait to see what you create.


  2. HaHa! I think your brain has to be wired in a special way. I totally adore it and admire origamists. They are like magicians, pulling delicate creations out of a bit of paper. Gosh it would be hard to teach. 🙂


  3. I can’t wait to see the origami squirrel! I might try it myself, however I wasn’t even skilled enough to make a paper airplane when I was a kid….


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