Happy 100th Birthday Dorothy!

https://gentlestitches.files.wordpress.com/2013/07/crochet-amigurumi-koala-with-geelong-football-club-supporter1.jpgMy friend Dorothy turned 100 years old recently. What can you give someone who is turning 100? Well in my case it was an easy decision. A few years ago when Dorothy was a 98 she gave me her steel crochet hooks because she thought they were getting a bit hard to see.  small steel crochet hook and darning needle.JPG

These are tiny hooks as you can see by the photo of one beside a normal size darning needle. I am a fan of the teeny tiny so the hooks went to a good home. 

To show my appreciation and wish her a happy birthday, I made Dorothy a small koala. It was made from my free amigurumi koala pattern using the smallest hook and yarn

Find out all about the koalas  here.
Dorothy is not only a crafty person, she also loves footy. You can read more about Dorothy’s birthday and her involvement with the Adelaide Crows at the end of this post.  On the subject of the AFL, the girl in the top picture sporting a Geelong Football Team footy jumper was coincidentally on her way to a football clinic when I asked if she would hold the koala for me. If Dorothy is anything to go by, it would seem a love of sports and making things is a recipe for a long and healthy life.

Adelaide Crows salute oldest member Dorothy Harris, soon to turn 100

Jesper Fjeldstad From:The Advertiser July 03, 2013 12:42P
ADELAIDE this morning made a fuss over its oldest member,

Mrs Dorothy Harris,  who will celebrate her 100th birthday  tomorrow.
Mrs Harris was handed a bunch of flowers by her favourite current Crow,midfielder Rory Sloane, mingled with the players and had long chats with both Sloane and coach Brenton Sanderson.
Mrs Harris has been a member since the Crows joined the AFL in 1991 and watches every home game from her seat in the southern stand. She says she will remain a member when the club shifts to Adelaide Oval even though she prefers AAMI Stadium. She will welcome a large contingent at her birthday party this weekend – sheand her late husband, Don, raised 11 children and there are now 29 grandchildren and 29 great grandchildren. Most of them will be at her home in Henley Beach, where she still cooks for herself and lives independently.
dorothy turns 100 and is pictured with the adelaide crows
Happy Birthday Dorothy!

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26 thoughts on “Happy 100th Birthday Dorothy!”

  1. Ah, another cycle… she passes her hooks to you, you pass a product of the hooks to her. She worships the Crows, they revere her loyalty. And so it goes (sometimes).


  2. Okay, I’m in love with Dorothy and her tiny koala! Thanks for the reminder of all the fantastic folks in the world.


  3. Happy Birthday Dorothy! That koala and Dorothy are so precious!! You are an awesome person my friend and do so much! XOXO – Bacon


  4. Thank you. I know! She definitely looks fantastic and is enjoying herself which is just fabulous! The footy players were gorgeous and obviously had a good time too!


  5. What an incredible gift! Both cute and thoughtful … and showing how much you treasure the wonderful gift she gave to you when she passed along her steel crochet hooks. I love everything about this idea!

    (By the by, your friend looks super fantastic! I would have never guessed she was 100 years old!)


  6. My husband’s mother turned 100 this January. She lives in a nursing home and daily reads the paper and her Bible devotions. She is crocheting another granny square baby blanket and has plans for her next one. We know great ladies.


  7. Your koala is darling! I love his ears. My favorite softie is a koala my uncle gave me on the day I was born. After all these years, he’s a little tattered (or as I like to say, “well loved”). I’ll make a new koala with your pattern so he can have a friend. 🙂


  8. wow, Dorothy looks amazing! and the lads behind her make a great background, too.


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