practical help for dogs, cats and other critters in need

jack,trickyand towels for animal shelter
It is Winter here in Melbourne but you can see by the sunny spots in this picture it is a beautiful day. Jack the dog who we adopted from The Lost Dog Home is pictured with his friend Tricky and a large (soon to be larger) stack of towels.” Why would anyone photograph a bunch of towels”? I hear you ask. The answer is simple. This time of year we get everyone’s old towels together and take them to the lost dogs home. It should be called “the lost dog and cat home because it also cares for, and finds homes for many cats. 

The good news is you too can get in on this. (if you haven’t already) Just gather up any old towels, blankets and sheets and take them to your nearest animal shelter. A can or bag of food wouldn’t “go astray” either.

Jack and Tricky say thank you very much!

Author: gentlestitches

the future is in our hands.

9 thoughts on “practical help for dogs, cats and other critters in need”

  1. so good im getting my extras together for coldstream aminal aid which is our local unfunded by government and also does great work


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