yarn along laptop cover and koala

crochet laptop cover with 2 ami koalasThis week for Ginny’s yarn along I have my Blackboard Laptop cover and 2 of my little Koalas. The Koala patterns are available as a free download on my blog and will also be available on Ravelry  soon.  I am still reading Digging to America by Anne Tyler which is proving a very interesting book.   If you would like to join Yarn Along come over and join us! There is always room for one more yarn a longer! How about you? If you read, knit or crochet, check it out!

Author: gentlestitches

the future is in our hands.

18 thoughts on “yarn along laptop cover and koala”

  1. Thank you. As you mentioned on your web site, chalkboard is becoming a design staple. It is such a useful item, particularly for jotting down thoughts or trying out equations!


  2. It is exciting to find you! I am a Melbournian crocheter too! I have joined “bloglovin” so I can see your posts when you post them. Welcome to yarn along. It is a lot of fun!


  3. Fantastic idea. My laptop lives in my lounge room and gets covered in a fine film of ash dust from our fire. I love the idea of making a cute cover to slip it into. I haven’t tried doing an amigurumi yet but hope to soon.

    Just joined in for my first yarn along. I’m a crocheter from suburban Melbourne,


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