yarn along blackboard laptop cover with piggie.

Joining the amazing Ginny from small things this week for yarn along I present the (in progress) blackboard laptop cover and Anne Tyler novel Digging to America.yarn along, crochet black board ,lap top, cover with Annie Tyler book.Other points of interest are the vintage Bouche wool which a school Mum kindly donated to my stash, and  a Winter Owls   logo which I am using as a bookmark which came with my Winter Owl print.  If you haven’t seen a blackboard laptop before, you are not alone. I hadn’t seen one before last week but now I wonder how I managed to write knitting and crochet patterns without them!  Only 8 dollars from KMart. Chalk included!
Here is a pic of it with a crochet piggie approximately 1/2 inch or 2 cms high.crochet, amigurumi on laptop blackboard.This little piggie is definitely not going to market. He is staying right here!

Author: gentlestitches

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14 thoughts on “yarn along blackboard laptop cover with piggie.”

  1. Wow, Sharon. This really is ingenious! I am so storing this is the back of my noggin’ for when I have some kiddos someday. Such a better alternative to shoving a screen in front of their faces. I want to play on it, too! 😉 Thanks for passing along the link. You are SO creative!


  2. HaHa! I am glad you liked it! You will always be special to me Bacon and the crochet pattern you inspired me to design ended up being the one I used to launch my little shop.
    I gave it as a shop opening gift and it proved very popular.Tell Mummy she is on my Christmas list for amigurumi Bacon. 🙂


  3. Oohh I’m so tickled. That’s me!!! This little oinker is so touched and honored. Swoon – I just love you my friend. XOXO – Bacon


  4. I am using 2 balls together with a size 7.00 mm crochet hook. Double crochet into front loop only. I will post next week how it turned out but I think for a nice plain fabric it is going to be “just right” 🙂


  5. Ive got some boucle two (actually quite a few different balls) every time I begin crocheting with it I stop because I dont like how it knits up. Need to find a project and use it once and for all!!


  6. black board laptop would be good for kids as well as grownups. it is perfect for math which is what I use it for when designing crochet and knitting patterns. Only 8 dollars at our kmart! (I sound like I am selling them!) 🙂


  7. HaHa! I hope it was a nice suprise! Your logo was on a piece of card behind my Owl brooch and was perfectly book mark size.The card that came with the print is now a mini box containing some tiny tools of my trade. It was too nice to be anything else!


  8. What an interesting collection of things, I got a surprise to see my little logo there. I love your mini piggie, very sweet, I can see why he’s not going to market.


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