amigurumi crochet basket

tiny basket

This lovely little 1/2 inch high, picnic basket is full of apples and topped with a banana. The ant was made by my son when he was small. This pattern is special to me because I have made many baskets in the past but this is the first one with a woven look. The woven effect is cleverly achieved by crocheting into the back loops only. Β The pattern comes from hereΒ over at Squirell Picnic. If you like amigurumi, you will love this site. Be sure to check out the “fatamals” and of course “Hodge and Podge

Author: gentlestitches

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21 thoughts on “amigurumi crochet basket”

  1. That is so amazing. I just don’t know how you do it. I would like to try but I think my hooves would get in the way, you think? Check out my blog in a few. I’m leaving you something my friend. XOXO – Bacon


  2. I am amazed at how tiny it is. It is so, so cute, and it looks quite cuddly, too. Is it strange to think of a picnic basket as “cuddly”? The ant is magnificent!!!


  3. Thanks, gentlestitches, for using my picnic basket pattern and for sharing about it and my Squirrel Picnic characters with your friends. Your basket looks great! And I’m so glad that you enjoyed making it. Thanks again for all the kind words. You’re the best!


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