Street Art at Merri Common.

rainbow lorikeet
There is an amazing display of Street Art where I walk my dogs along Merri Common. First a Rainbow Lorikeet.Cocky

Next a fabulous Aussie Cocky. possum
My favourite, the Brush Tailed Possum.
yarn bombing
and a nice bit of yarn bombing at the exit. 

Author: gentlestitches

the future is in our hands.

19 thoughts on “Street Art at Merri Common.”

  1. That sounds lovely. It is great the way children are getting an opportunity to learn the fibre arts. I hope your van is feeling much better now after it’s procedure. 🙂


  2. so cool! 🙂 I finally got to see a yarn bomb here too by the way 😀 Only in the newspaper though. I was looking at it while waiting on yet another round of repairs on my van at the mechanics shop. lol 🙂 The article said it was the highschool knitting group 🙂 They covered a bench with crocheted flowers 😀


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