Yarn Along Crochet Hat

crochet hatJoining Ginny for Yarn Along this week from Small Things, I want to talk about March by Geraldine Brooks and show the completed crochet hat I made from the small amount of leftover yarn I had from my cowl. Geraldine Brooks is an Australian born author who wrote People of the Book. I loved that book and it is up there with my main favourites. I just started March and it looks intriguing.   Yarn Along is a fun thing to get involved in, all you knitters and crocheters. If you would like to join or even just find out more about it, click here and tell us. What have you been making or reading lately?

Author: gentlestitches

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12 thoughts on “Yarn Along Crochet Hat”

  1. Lovely cosy hat, perfect for a Melbourne winter. I read March and really enjoyed it and also read Year of Wonders by the same author and loved it too. My son is doing it for year 12 and I’m interested to see what he thinks of it.


  2. That is an excellent book. I have read it and enjoyed it very much. Nathan probably won’t approve of Mummy reading for too long. My son didn’t think much of the idea when he was small. It is OK now though. We read quietly together. 🙂


  3. The hat is lovely, but I must say what else caught my eye was that chair! I love the kangaroo carvings – undeniably a chair that belongs in Australia. =)


  4. your hat is very pretty! I just started reading War and Peace from Leo Tolstoy (I’ve been wanting to read it for a while now but with Nathan around is not always easy!) 🙂


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