amigurumi Bee

A commissioned Bee had me take a short break from aussiegurumi critter and pattern beeI can’t post the pattern because she is “one of a kind” but I promise for all the amigurumi enthusiasts out there, I will, very soon be posting a free gentlestitches Koala pattern. Meanwhile here are some more views of Bea the Bee to ponder over.ami bee The strings remind me of really old horror movies where you could see where the rubber masks were tied on! Attack of the killer Bees!D.Bee

Author: gentlestitches

the future is in our hands.

20 thoughts on “amigurumi Bee”

  1. omg the bee is soooooo cute!!! Wish I can make one like this! super well done! look forward to seeing more cuties!


  2. Sharon, this bee is totally impressive! Personally I would have a heart attack if a bee of this size came flying at me!!! Bea the bee is so adorable – I’m sure the recipient of this lovely piece is thrilled w/ it! It’s so colorful and gorgeous.


  3. fantastic bee careful other bees might find this bee too attractive cheers bea


  4. Great looking bee!!! I have to admit, I’d have never thought about the alternative interpretation of the rear appendage had you not mentioned it! 🙂


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