aussiegurumi cat

I'm ready for my close up

I popped into my local yarn shop yarn and co over the weekend to buy a new set of 5.5mm knitting needles. I had somehow lost one and as any knitter knows, there isn’t much you can do with just one knitting needle! I was very proud and pleased to see my Millie the aussiegurumi cat happily sitting on a bench right in the middle of the store. aussiegurumi cat

I made Millie for Chris, one of the proprietors as a sort of “it’s nice to meet you and I am really glad we have a local yarn shop opened”  type of gift. Apparently Karen, the other proprietor,  has cats so when I get a moment I plan to make some minis for her too.

I used a combination of Jo Sharp and Cleckheaton yarns for Millie and while I was shopping I treated myself to a repair hook like the one below.miniRepairHook

So  if you live anywhere near Melbourne, Fitzroy and you haven’t been there yet. Check  out yarn and co.  It isn’t just a craft shop.  They have groups, classes, workshops, great variety and prices and most importantly.  High Tea.    Hmmm. Knitting and High Tea!cat out of bag

I leave you with one more pic of Millie looking a bit daunted about going in her gift bag. (she looked happy at the shop though)

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27 thoughts on “aussiegurumi cat”

  1. Thank you Bacon I have never made a piggie but it would be easy for me. We are all good at something right? I am good at making amigurumi. I shall take your challenge up and make a little piggie just like you. I should be working on my paid jobs first but that sounds like more fun! I shall put the piggie on my blog next week and you can tell me if it looks like you. X


  2. That is so cool!! I love the little purr thing. Can you do a piggy? 🙂
    Oh, you’ve been tagged – come see my blog later 🙂


  3. Love your kitty! As to the single needle, it reminded me of the old question, “What is the sound of one hand clapping?” only I was thinking “what is the work of one needle knitting?” 🙂 ~ Linne


  4. Thanks Patricia I was impressed that you noticed the yarn I used. It is a bit special as I combined kid mohair with wool. I was so pleased to have a yarn shop opened up near me. There hasn’t been a local one for decades, so I just had to show my appreciation! Normally I get paid for my work but sometimes I feel moved to “throw in a freebee”. For some reason, freebees are even more fun to make.


  5. Thank you (and for noticing). I got them in a thrift store and judging by the price that was still on them I would say they were from the 1970’s. Perfect for the breed!


  6. Sharon, I adore those jewel-like eyes (looks like cat’s eye agates) sewn on. And the tactile quality of this yarn – it’s screaming to be touched!! How wonderful of you to create such a lovely gift for someone who’s only just an acquaintance. Shows us all how thoughtful (and creative) you are!! 🙂


  7. HaHa. We haven’t had a craft /yarn shop in the area for so long and I am so tired of having to travel into town to chain stores for yarn that I wanted to show my appreciation. I think yarning is an excellent form of expression! I will pop you on my christmas list! Not sure what I will make you yet.
    Perhaps a stitch marker for your beginner knitter girl! 🙂


  8. so you just make amazingly clever gifts for people you don’t know and hand them out? (I know you know the owner now but you didn’t when you Millied her, right?) You’re such a generous person. My postal address is 123 Smith Street …..


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