Microgurumi Yarn Along

Yarn Along

Joining Ginny this week from  Small Things for Yarn Along, I want to introduce my microgurumis which are tiny stitch or row markers and will be available in the near future. I also want to show you this delightful book on meditation by Sister Wendy Beckett. I have to admit to being a complete failure when it comes to meditation but Sister Wendy is so engaging somehow that one is just pulled into a vortex of calm with her book. Here is a detail of one of her pages.Tower of Babel

This painting is one to prompt the viewer to contemplate the need for silence and Sister Wendy has (as always) a fascinating and succinct insight into Art and God and us.


I finish with a closeup of the Snowman Microgurumi.

Don’t forget to check out the other Yarn Alongs! and join in next week if you like.  Click here for joining in information.



Author: gentlestitches

the future is in our hands.

23 thoughts on “Microgurumi Yarn Along”

  1. Yay microgarumi!! These are both gorgeous and genius. The book of meditations looks wonderful too 🙂 x


  2. Well my friend Peter introduced me to the concept of “poetic or artistic licence” apparently (and he is a veritable god of grammar) , the rules fly out the door to
    make room for artistic expression. Also my own spelling has always been on the
    atrocious side so I didn’t notice. Wonderful Wilhelminia was wickedly wise!


  3. Ugh. I just realized I completely messed up what they are called. Microgurumi … not “microgumi”. Good grief. Sorry about that!


  4. Thank you, they make such cheerful stitch markers! Also, although they don’t take away the need to frog, they can make it so that you don’t have to go down so far. 🙂


  5. Sister Wendy is 83 years young at the moment! I am glad you like my tiny stitch marker.
    I saw these in the shops for a small fortune and I thought “they are dreaming!” I am going to make a range of affordable ones. I love making ridiculously small things. Big fun for me!


  6. The little snowman is ever so cute. I also like how you describe the following : ‘Sister Wendy is so engaging somehow that one is just pulled into a vortex of calm with her book’.
    A vortex of calm is a lovely state to be in 🙂


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