Pass the Parcel.

pass the parcel

I felt a bit like I was playing the old children’s game ” Pass the Parcel” as I opened this package from England.

Not a big shopper, I find I can make most of what I need, I nevertheless fell in love with this and just knew we had to be together. go faster snail

I love it! It is far too nice to be used as a pincushion so I am just going to put it with my work materials and enjoy the inspiration.


Author: gentlestitches

the future is in our hands.

21 thoughts on “Pass the Parcel.”

  1. The snail is too lovely for words. And you have me feeling all nostalgic for pass the parcel too!


  2. I agree your snail is too nice to stick pins in, what I would really like to see though, is you wearing the snail hat 😉 It will certainly make you stand out this winter amongst all the Melbourne black!


  3. It’s kind of “Pass the wrapping” rather than “Pass the parcel”, isn’t it?


  4. Sometimes I buy a scarf at the op shop and use that to wrap gifts. If the Lucky Gift Recipient likes the scarf they can keep it and wear it. If they don’t particularly like the scarf, they can use it as gift-wrapping themselves. Win win!


  5. What a great pincushion! I love it!! and good for you for being so frugal with the wrapping; a fellow thrifty! ~ Linne


  6. 😀
    Thank you for this lovely post, Gentlestitches. I am so glad that you like the little snail, and that you were able to use the wrapping/daisy-ribbon for something else too.

    I am the same, as I can make most of what I need, or like, but at times you just see an item, and it speaks to you. And isn’t there just ‘something’ about a parcel that comes from far-far away 😉

    Take care



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