Violet Yarn Along

Violet Yarn AlongJoining Ginny this week for Yarn Along,  I showcase my at last finished crochet rug with an edging of my own design. If you would like the pattern for the edge I have put it on the end of this post just for you.

I have also just finished reading Violet Mackerel’s Possible Friend  which was written by Anna Branford and illustrated by Sarah Davis. This is a wonderful book and number 5 in a delightful series of Violet Mackerel  books. I enjoyed it very much and even though it’s author was aiming at the junior chapter book audience, I found it a quite profound exploration of the complicated human process of making a new friend. 

My personal conclusion on the topic of friend making is that age and experience doesn’t make the process any easier and in the early stages of friend making I can still get ” slight butterflies” as Violet so aptly calls it.                                      

 Male or female, virtual or face to face, friendships can be tricky.   Real friendship, time given freely, has been the most satisfying experience I have encountered on my journey thus far. Violet has an interesting theory on friendship but I will leave you to read the book and find out what the theory is.  Make sure you check out the other Yarn Alongs and please join us on Wednesdays.

The Spiffy Edge.Spiffy Edge




Row 1.              Single crochet all around. (Americans double crochet)

Row 2.              ** 3 double treble, 1 chain, 3 double treble in next stitch, miss 

4 stitches, repeat from ** to **. (Americans triple treble)

Row 3.              *4 single crochet, 3 chain, 1 slip stitch into 1st chain, 4 single 

crochet* repeat from * to *.  (Americans double crochet.

Enjoy your Spiffy Edge!



Author: gentlestitches

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20 thoughts on “Violet Yarn Along”

  1. I agree, friendships can be tricky as you get older… I get very nervous! My daughter loves violet mackeral! The crochet rug and spiffy edge is awesome!!!!!


  2. Not only is the entire pattern gorgeous and that intricate edging – but it’s a beautiful choice of colors. You make such lovely pieces!


  3. Thank you Linne. I like the colours too. Can you believe I crocheted the squares sitting in a Ute as a passenger going from Adelaide to Gympie? A drive of 23 hours if you don’t stop. 🙂


  4. I love that edge! It’s so delicate and pretty — almost looks like lace. Of course, I’m terrible at crochet. At least two of my aunts tried to teach me in my younger years, but I pretty much only succeeded at making one looooooooooong, crocheted line. Fail! Ha, ha. 😀


  5. Beautiful rug. That’s a great colour combination, too; and thanks for sharing the edging.
    I’ll have to see if our library has the book. I like junior books, sometimes they’re better than adult books (well in my not-so-HO). ~ Linne


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