Big Sound

speakersMy first speakers looked like this. They cost a small fortune and I had to get my boyfriend to help me carry them into my house. I loved them but they were cumbersome and quite frankly sounded a bit “tinny”.  Also they were inclined to shiver and shake if turned up too high.

The speakers I got for a gift last year look like this. It fits in the palm of my hand.Xmini

The X-mini. It is great. Really good sound. Not at all heavy to carry around and definitely no shaking. There is a downside though. I wanted to listen to some YouTube video clips from Evil Squirrel’s Nest   and the shout went up “where is my speaker?” That was never yelled out in the old days. Speakers sat where you left them and the most annoying thing they did was gather the odd bit of dust. They never disappeared.

As usual crochet saved the day. Well after the speaker was located, it saved the next day.Xmini mate

Here we have the two compartment gentlestitches speaker and earphones pouch.

I really do promise to put up my patterns very soon.

speaker pouch

Here it is closed with a felted matching flower on the front. That is Kirbys red foot poking out on the left.

back to working on my patterns.

Author: gentlestitches

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16 thoughts on “Big Sound”

  1. Thanks for your visit. Many years ago when my husband bought a big Sony for our tv room, he also bought tower speakers for the surround sound. We don’t even use them anymore but still here they sit taking up space and looking out of place. If I knew how to undo all the wires properly, I’d get rid of them. I think that can be a summer project for him. 🙂 Great idea to crochet up a pouch for your teeny tiny speaker. Have a great day. Tammy


  2. My friend got mine on line. They need charging but somehow ” self charge” if plugged into a pc. They also go into any device which takes headphones like the phone or tablet. We call them ” hamburger ” speakers because of the shape. 🙂


  3. Isn’t it amazing how small speakers are now? And the quality really is very good, too. I love your “speaker cozy”. So very cute!


  4. Q – LOVE this. Chuckling as I remember big 3 foot speakers which could be used as end tables. LOL! Super cool little X-mini. Love it’s pouch!


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