Gospel BoatCome with me on a holiday to  Echuca/Moama and uplift your spirits as you quieten your mind. Start with a look at the PS Etona. This was a gospel Paddle boat that sailed around the river from 1890 to 1920 attending to the people’s spiritual needs. Weddings funerals, anything.  It also delivered medicines, food, clothing and much-needed comfort to people in distress.  It is in dry dock today if you want a look.  Echuca Wharf is an excellent holiday destination for all ages.A home base is essential for a vacation so take a seat at the Port of Echuca’s poolside deck and supervise the children whilst they have a good time in the pool. Note the fragrant, visually stunning rose garden. Also note the platter of of delicious local produce.poolCheck out the footy scores or do some knitting. Or just do nothing for 5 minutes and see what happens.

footy scores





OK someone cut their foot but I am sure it is peaceful sometimes.

Come on a paddle boat ride up the Mighty Murray River. This is the third longest river in the world second being Nile, first Amazon. This is Australia people! We are talking BIG!paddle boat


children enjoying themselves

Back to town for afternoon tea and a horse and cart tea


penny acade Fair Dinkum fully functioning fun house with free fudge tasting.

Sharps movie House and Penny Arcade.


Amazing to see what passed as risque once by turning the peepo handle and also the cigarettes children could win for a penny in the days when that was considered acceptable. Also other games that were about skill, chance, test your strength and find out if you were desirable to the opposite sex or not. There was a theatre running old style silent movies which were really entertaining. Out to the Outback of Moama to Benarca State Forest. There was a School House here once but all that remains are the Sugar Gums the children planted. It must have been around 1940 I think but I do know my Uncle Geoff planted one of them.


Here is a picture of Geoffs nephew and friend at the Sugar Gums. The School is gone but the children are still here.

Geoffs trees.

May peace be with us all over the planet.

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26 thoughts on “Peace”

  1. OMP (Oh My Pig)!! This is beautiful!! I so much love hearing about other places. Your pictures are amazing and so life like. I could see myself there enjoying the scenery, the beautiful landscapes and of course playing in that pool!! XOXO – Bacon


  2. The more I read about it, the morespecial it sounds. I would love to visit it myself one day. 🙂


  3. I do something special with my overseas guests. First, I make them watch “Picnic at Hanging Rock” (it’s not everyone’s favourite movie) and then the next day I take them there, with a picnic. It DOES have a special atmosphere about it, not to talk it up or anything. It feels old or heightened or, I don’t know, extra-something. Some bushrangers used to hang out there, too, with all the rocky nooks up there. And apparently it’s made of a rock that only appears in one or two other places on this continent. Where did the rock come from?


  4. Thank you Patricia. I grew up around there and learnt to swim before I could walk. Same as my Mother and Grandmother who taught me to swim. The Murray has inspired a lot of creative expression.


  5. The driver very friendly and would have probably been OK with the idea. 3 of our party did indeed get up and ride up front. I chose the carriage which was open and very comfortable. The horses were lovely and I had a chat to them and a pat.


  6. Sharon, what a fabulous and genuinely peaceful vacation it looks like you had! I loved seeing and reading the lore surrounding the Murray River. I did not realize just how large and vast a body of water it actually is. Thanks so much for making this post; reading your lovely post has definitely uplifted my mind tonight.


  7. Great pictures (especially of your tea!) My favourite is the pair of dapple greys. I would have begged to ride up front and then I would have begged to do a bit of driving. Dapples are one of my favourites. Thanks so much! ~ Linne


  8. LOL! Cigarettes and peepshows for children? Where was this place when I was growing up? 🙂

    Sounds like a most excellent destination to relax and unwind!


  9. Brill idea! “Aussiegurumi picnic at hanging rock!” , am going to enjoy that post very much in the future when you post it.

    Yes, we often have pre-conceived ideas of how places should feel, but often the real energy of the place is vastly different from how media/film portrays it. I remember my first visit to Stonehenge.. a vast dissapointment. All I sensed was sadness, and how the very ‘soul’ of it was long gone in a cloud of non stop exhaust smoke from the busy main road next to it. Too many busloads of tourists over the years sucks the life out of a place.

    My husband said Ayers Rock felt a bit like that to him when he visited, but he still loved every minute of his time in Australia and would love to go back one day 🙂


  10. I know what you mean about having preconceived ideas but believe me, the way it is all (naturally) fitted out with big dark nooks and crannies and the strange stillness of it means it isn’t someplace you would feel like staying too long. Having said that, I do go up that way from time to time (Daylesford) and would be delighted to take a picture for you. Perhaps I will do a “Aussiegurumi picnic at hanging rock!” 🙂


  11. Just had a delicious shivvvver all down my spine when I read how you describe it as eerie 😀
    I have always wondered about how it would really feel out there, even if a person perhaps have never heard of the movie etc. Please take a picture for me if you are at the Rock again maybe sometime?


  12. There are no silly questions. Hanging Rock is in the Macedon Ranges which is roughly 30 minutes from me. I have been there a few times and I have one word for it…. EERIE!
    I love the movie very much too.:)


  13. It is indeed carrot cake. Good call! I also had (on another day) a Jaffinton. Like a Lamington only with orange and poppyseed cake instead of sponge. I thought of you and your lovely lamingtons half a world away. It doesn’t hurt to do this on special days. Trouble is, every day is special! LOL!


  14. Thank you so much for sharing this, I enjoyed seeing the pictures and places 🙂
    (Yes it is a bit of a funny feeling seeing a next generation play where it feels as if one self only played yesterday.)

    I have a silly question if you don’t mind? I love the old movie Picnic at Hanging Rock, and have seen it so many times over the years. It is one of my top 10 foreign films ever I should think, the music..oh just about everything about it is so lovely and intrigueing. So my question is, have you ever been there, and if so, what does it feel like at Hanging Rock?


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