Pajama Day Yarn Along.

pj day
It is School Holidays or term break here and I have declared a Pajama Day!  The rules of this special day follow
1. Day before clean entire house, change linen and everyone under the roof, man woman, child or beast pronounce themselves “squeaky clean””
House Mouse Squeaky Clean2. Sleep in until you are ready to wake up.
3. When you get up have a shower and put clean smart PJs on.
4. Do exactly what you want to for the rest of the day.
I only cooked and did minimum chores. The rest of the time I joined Ginny’s Yarn Along. I read The Aspen Papers by Henry James and worked on my jet Zhivago Wrap short version. My son played video games and read Manga graphic novel books. Ah bliss!
for more yarn along click here.
I wish there were pj days twice a week rather than twice a year.
Do YOU ever have a PJ day. Do you have rules?

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26 thoughts on “Pajama Day Yarn Along.”

  1. I love this idea! Husband1111 is at work for the day so I wish I had read this before then today would have been PJ day! Well, it will probably be the half PJ day mentioned above since no one will know! And I am about to turn off this computer and do some quality cross stitching time with some quilting later. I will be planning a PJ day soon! Thanks!


  2. LOL! Dare I admit I haven’t owned a pair of PJ’s since I outgrew my footies when I was a young squirrel? I guess I’ll have to borrow some from somebody else…. 🙂


  3. Love, love, loving this!!! I want to have a pajama day now, too. But perhaps it’ll have to wait until summer break. I feel guilty going to pick up my daughter from school in my PJs. (Plus, I would probably scare everyone around me, ha ha!)

    It sounds like your PJ day was wonderful and restful. And, from the lovely photo you posted, it seems you have some willing PJ Day accomplices. (They are pretty darn cute, too! :))


  4. BC… ie Before children I would have PJ days… but not since. Winter is coming, I think I will bring PJ days back in!!! The kids will love it!


  5. PJ day sounds like a most relaxing kind of day … we’re looking out at snow today, so I’ve given up on the day in my disappointment that spring was here, and am checking out blogs on Yarn Along 😉 I love how your little dog happily holds the book for you … next you need to teach him how to turn the pages. Wendy


  6. On Sundays I have a half-day-pajama-day. A lazy breakfast for man and beast, follow by a long soak in the tub. And then we ussually go out exploring somewhere as we are both very keen on history and places of historical interest.

    P.s A certain pair of my p.j’s always make my husband laugh when he sees me in them, he says the pants resemble toothpaste, the stripey kind with 3 or more colours. Hence they are known as That Pair Of Toothpaste Pants… I happen to love them, even though they are perhaps not the most lovely p.j’s 😀


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