Introducing YARN + CO

woodpark  This is a photograph of my grandparents house . They called it Woodpark.  They had a sheep and wheat farm in the wilds of NSW (Moama) when I was growing up. The lifestyle they lived is unimaginable now. They could go weeks without any human contact what so ever.  One thing I did like about the old days were the haberdashery shops which featured many types of yarn and equipment and best of all, the people who worked in them knew their products and were happy to discuss them.

I thought these types of shops were a thing of the past but last week all my crafty dreams came true. A yarn shop has opened up in my area which is staffed by people who have a love and knowledge of their product.  They offer competitive prices and also offer workshops, a knitting/crochet circle, collective  and much more. Check their web page here.  Here is an example of the yarnswool I purchased for my new line of Aussiegurumi.  There is Jo Sharpe Kid Mohair, Silk Road, Classic DK, Cleckheaton Country and Aran. This is just a small sample of what they offer .  So whether you want yarn, pattern books, tools,classes or just somewhere to relax with your knitting or crochet, here is the place to go. Oh! I almost forgot! They also do a High Tea that you can bring your craft work to.

High Tea and craft! My favorite things. Craft and High Tea

Author: gentlestitches

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12 thoughts on “Introducing YARN + CO”

  1. well done to find such a wonderful place i look forward to going there next time im in the city Deb Warburton


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