Horn of Cornucopia

Life has a way of telling me to slow down and take a rest every now and then. I am currently in quarantine  drugged and looking rather “interesting” I have shingles on my face which makes me think of 17th century pox marked wenches.  Thank God I have access to 21st century medication and this condition is only temporary.


Here is my very own Horn Of Cornucopia which I knitted and then wove. The tie is just “cast on 6 stitches and then garter stitch until desired length” Tie in a knot or bow.


This was the gate before

the embellishment.

court yard

The gate opens on to my own small slice of  now private Melbournian Heaven. Orange flowers bloom next to a paper mache giraffe in the left hand corner. I was reading Winter Owls  and noticed a bit of an “Orange Theme”going on. I also decided to buy myself a nice present to make myself feel better and I have been badly coveting this work since I saw it. So I ordered it. Hoorah!

We are having a full on heatwave here in Melbourne and this means my amazing, night blooming Moonflower has snuck in other bloom.

blooming moonflower (2)

hangen round

Sponge Bob has his thongs and Sunnies on cos it is HOT!


Continuing on the gratitude theme is this totally wonderful antique North American paper box depicting two squirrels and decorated with Horn of Cornucopia items. This box would have been used for the American Thanksgiving festival and many people use the horn which is also referred to as abundance and plenty, as a symbol for this time.

Well its over 100 degrees and will be all week,  I am crook but I have many, many things to be grateful for. Mainly I am grateful for good friends, faithful critters and family. What are you grateful for ? Come on, leave me a comment with one thing you are grateful for today. 🙂


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20 thoughts on “Horn of Cornucopia”

  1. I am feeling much better now . I loved your comment. The service dogs are so wonderful and I am also grateful to be involved even in a small (2.5 in) way!


  2. Hope you are feeling better. And as far as something I am grateful for? My kids and the chance to make a difference that I have found through DogForDavid. When I first started it, I barely dared to hope I could make a difference for my son (by getting him a service dog) but I feel so blessed that it has turned into so much more. : )


  3. Uh oh! I know shingles are no fun… hope you feel better soon! Love the squirrel box, and the link to the aussie slang site! I must study up….


  4. Thank you for your well wishes Kenley, I feel better already. I am going to make myself some of your nutritious, delicious Greek Bread and serve with sparkling apple juice and a salad.


  5. Truly hope that you feel better! I have never experienced shingles but both my parents have, as well as my grandfather. So I know how awful it can be. Here’s to feeling better!!


  6. Thanks Linne. Your Mother and Aunt sound inspiring. The bloggiverse is amazing isn’t it? It just opens up so much. I love “googling”too. I wonder how long it will be before it enters the dictionary as a verb? Probably the same time as Amiguruming! 🙂


  7. Thank you for commenting. Your daughter sounds wonderful. I am grateful for the young people in my life too. I will try to take it easy but I am not very good at it. 🙂


  8. No fun, being sick in a heat wave . . . hope you are well again soon. Love the Horn of Plenty and your garden, too. I’ve had challenges this past year, too, but much to be grateful for; when I lost my job, then gave up my apartment, my Mum let me move in and couch-surf at her apt., even though that means less space for both of us. I’m grateful that she is still mentally healthy and still learning at 90. Bodes well for me, I hope. I’m grateful to be a support for my Aunty, now 93 and living in our building. I’m grateful for continuing health and a good mind and for my strengths (many of which I thought were faults until a year ago LOL). I’m grateful that I was born to parents who were highly creative, even though they never had the chance to make a living through their creativity. I’m grateful, too, for all the skills my Mum taught me at an early age, in particular the ability to read. One can learn nearly anything from a good book (well, if you are a visual learner like me, you can!)

    Most of all, though, I’m grateful for the bloggiverse, where I have ‘met’ people of kindred spirits from around the globe. What fun! It isn’t always easy to find people with overlapping interests if you are an introvert like me. But now, my group of friends is widespread, supportive, interesting, inspiring, and much, much more. I feel so lucky . . .

    Be well again soon, okay? ~ Linne


  9. I am so sorry to hear that you are poorly, shingles is nothing to smile about. I’m amazed that you sound so upbeat – and inspired 🙂 As you say, thank goodness for modern medicine. And take it easy, really as easy as you can.
    I am grateful for my daughter, who keeps me grounded (sometimes too grounded! 🙂 ), without her right now I think I would have floated off into nowhere like a helium balloon.


  10. I’m grateful for the opportunities I have in my life and the fact I live in a beautiful city… even though I’m usually lost in my hectic schedule and forget to smell the roses.


  11. Sorry you feel so “crook” – also sorry we can’t send you some of our absolutely glorious weather today – 26 degrees, brilliant sunshine and a lovely light breeze. Unfortunately I also see 2 more cyclones forming in the north! Love from Joy & Geoff


  12. Shingles is horrible so I do hope you feel better soon. I am also not enjoying this heat but am quite grateful for the fact that hubby is away so all my craft stuff is covering the dining room table and I don’t have to keep putting it away! 🙂


  13. How yucky feeling so sick when it’s so hot, I’m feeling sick from the heat and I’m not even sick! I was so glad to hear you are now feeling a little better. Sponge Bob looks well prepared for the heat though. Thank you so much for mentioning my print!!


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