Yarn Along give away.

gentlestitches giveaway!

Question.What was Mr George Elliot’s secret? I will put all the correct answers into an Amigurumi hat and pull one out. The lucky answer will win this double heart just in time to celebrate International Women’s Day. I am Yarning Along with Ginny from Small Things,  reading (or rather listening to) “The Mill on the Floss” by George Elliot and crocheting this rug. I have finished the squares and am now sewing it all together
giftcrochet rug ready to sew

Author: gentlestitches

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13 thoughts on “Yarn Along give away.”

  1. Correct Jessica. Although there were starting to be women Authors about, there were several women writing under male names. She also was living with a bloke rather than being married ( only for 20 yrs) though. I love her work. Happy international Women’s day. We have a way to go but have come a long way!


  2. Aww someone has already said it but Mr was in fact a Mrs.
    I think I read that people she lived around stopped respecting her work when they discovered it was written by a woman. Could be wrong!


  3. No you weren’t. I didn’t make it clear. I am going to choose one right answer out of an Amigurumi hat to celebrate International Women’s Day. I will amend it now.


  4. Excellent and correct answer Aunt Joy. I would be accused of nepotism if I awarded you the prize
    and you said not to count you as a contestant so I shall send you something else instead and thank you so much for commenting. Look out for a little package. : )


  5. Mr George Elliot’s secret was that HE was actually a SHE – becaue in that period it was considered very bad form indeed for a “lady” to write novels. Don’t count me as a contestant however


  6. Mr. George Elliot’s secret was that he knitted warm socks for the local squirrels, and he had to keep it a secret, or the possums would be wanting him to make them some as well….


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