gentlestitches promotion day

I have been planning and organising a promotion for my upcoming crochet classes at the fabulous Jika Jika Centre.    The photo below shows some items I put together to show people that crochet can be about squares, toys, clothes, furniture and much more.
getting ready

At the same time, Jika Jika hosted a neighborhood Garage Sale which generated a lot of  activity.
Here is the fully set up display with details of the next lot of beginner crochet classes and varieties of techniques people can learn. Alert your friends and family! Come and learn or improve your crochet.

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12 thoughts on “gentlestitches promotion day”

  1. Thank you so much Linne. I agree with you, some things are best knitted and I think ideally it is good to be able to do both and even combine the two! Thank you for reblogging me!


  2. Reblogged this on A Random Harvest and commented:
    Some of my readers may be interested in learning to crochet, so I am re-blogging this post for you! I love the variety of things that may be crocheted, as well as how fast it is compared to knitting. I still prefer knitting for some things, though. Enjoy! ~ Linne


  3. Thank you so much. Also every one says how lovely my Owl is and where did I get it?
    I refer them to Winter Owls!
    The Amigurumi’s are such fun to make. I am working on some dog toys for a friends new pup at the moment. No small “choky” things, so features have to be crochet in. 🙂


  4. Thank you and I am glad you are feeling better. Ribs take a long time to heal and they cant be rested like a limb because you need them to well… breathe! : )


  5. those are so amazing and cool 🙂 you are really good at this : ) I’m hoping to start back up soon. Rib is finally getting better and kids are somewhat settling down from all the snow lol : )


  6. HaHa indeed it is. Isn’t it funny how “Startled Owl” is sitting so straight and “Restful Owl” appears about to fall over into the box! They were great company and got lots of comments!


  7. Dear little Startled Owl and her good friend Restful Owl…

    What a lot of things can be made with crochet! It really is a versatile, forgiving and sometimes wicked craft.


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