A letter from Ziggy

Hooray! I got my letter from Ziggy Shortcrust which included my Letter Elf and my Amigurumi Elf. If you haven’t got a personalized Letter Elf it isn’t too late. Go over here to Ziggy Shortcrust and put your name down for one.

I liked my Elf which had a distinctive Japanese flavor which for a woman who likes to Amigurumi and a boy who likes Manga, Ziggy really hit the mark. I was inspired to write an illustrated letter back and that is my Koala Bear I drew for Ziggy.  I reckon I am a better sewist than drawist but as I keep telling the young people” You don’t have to be the best at something to enjoy it. ” I also wrote a letter to my wonderful Uncle Geoff and Aunt Joy who are recovering from the dreadful floods in Queensland.  They did not get wet feet because they were smart and got a house built up on stilts.

I think the key to successful letter writing is similar to successful mending.  In our busy, mad world the only way to get these things done is to have the ingredients all together in one place.  Happy letter writing everyone.


Author: gentlestitches

the future is in our hands.

9 thoughts on “A letter from Ziggy”

  1. Thank you Deanna. You might like to join in and get some drawings just for you.
    Check Ziggy’s site. She is looking for others to write to. Ziggyshortcrust.com. 🙂


  2. HaHa. Do you mean “in the ink?” My friend said she was wanting to see a particular Amigurumi
    “in the wool” so a drawing must be “in the ink!”


  3. Thank you so much for commenting, Claudia.
    I am going to Google those Daleks right away!!
    I also saw a “relax with the Daleks”video which made me shriek with laughter
    and I must post one day.


  4. I saw some crotchet daleks wish i had the skills to send them to you cheers Claudia airport west


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