Tunisian Wrap.

A favorite form of crochet of mine is the ancient and very beautiful Tunisian Stitch . Check out the unique long hook with the ball on the end which stops stitches from falling off. It reminds me of a cross between knitting and crochet. This wrap is made from a variety of goat hair and has macrame ties. It also makes a great blanket when it is cold.
Tunisian Stocking StitchThis sampler is an example of Tunisian stocking stitch. I try to fit a sample of a stitch in before I begin a project so that I can make my mistakes before I begin. These samplers can be put away and bought out again at just the right time and have 101 uses.

Basic Tunisian knit stich with Black Stanard Poodle.This is an example of the most basic  Tunisian Knit Stitch with a Standard Black poodle embroidered on it.

Tunisian lace stitch




The last sampler is of the  Tunisian lace Stitch.  

It is believed this stitch originated in Africa and spread to other parts of the world in the 1800’s. it is also called the Afghan stitch.









Tunisian knitting is also referred to as “Shepard’s knitting”which is a term often linked with the Scottish Men’s contribution of Fair Isle.   They are not related though.

This photo has been around a while but it still makes me smile. There are so many variations of knitting and crochet that there just might be one that is just right for you!

Author: gentlestitches

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11 thoughts on “Tunisian Wrap.”

  1. Oh my, you are way better than I am at this stitch! I’m a beginner…LOL Beautiful work my friend!


  2. Thank you so much for your comment. I love wearing things I made myself and seeing others wearing things or playing with toys I made with love for them.


  3. Gentlestitches, you are so talented – I love your crocheted Tunisian wrap! I had not heard of the Tunisian stitch before, but now I’d definitely like to read up more on it. Your new pieces are lovely!


  4. fantastic i wish i could learn this from you i am also wanting to learn tatting cheers Judith launching place,


  5. Also known as Afghan crochet and, I think in some places, Tunisian knitting. It’s certainly curious what human beings can invent for themselves, isn’t it?


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