“for there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so. ” Shakespeare

blurrMy 12 year old son surprised me yesterday by asking “Mum, do you ever make mistakes?”  “indeed I do” I replied “with alarming regularity, at least twice a day” He smiled. “Perhaps” I suggested, the mistake isn’t as important as what you do about the mistake after you make it?”

I was inspired by this book Violet Mackerel’s Brilliant plot by Anna Branford. Violet’s Mother, who is so good at knitting  she has a market stall selling her lovely wares says “knitting is a difficult thing to learn, that box is full of my mistakes” Violet takes one of her Mum’s mistakes and turns it into something wonderful. I wont spoil the surprise  so read the book to find out what she makes.  Back to my mistakes. Well I don’t have a mistake box. Instead, I turn my mistakes into dog toys for the dogs that live here. They play with them, fetch them, tug of war them and eventually need another one. Here are some pictures of the dogs playing with a disaster that was supposed to be a crochet flower. I try to turn the mistake into a ball or if it is larger I get more ambitious and make a Burglar or Postman. (sorry Aussie post I really do love you)almost got it

You can do it Tricky (and then it’s mine)













lask bark


Jack has the last bark!

Author: gentlestitches

the future is in our hands.

13 thoughts on ““for there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so. ” Shakespeare”

  1. Thank you for commenting. Indeed they don’t! 🙂 What a contribution the Shakespeare works have made on human thought and language! Personally the only thing I would call a fail is the fail to have a go!


  2. What a sweet interaction between you and your son. And I loved your response.

    Sometimes, my “failed” projects end up transforming into a new creation even better than I first intended. There’s a sermon metaphor there, isn’t there?

    And of course, you pulled me in right away with your Shakespearian title. Sigh. His words never lose their punch, do they?


  3. I have found my cats enjoy the impromptu “toys” I leave laying around better than the ones I can buy at a store. Bottle caps, twist ties, a leaf that blows in the door…. LOL, it might put the pet toy industry out of business if people ever found this out!


  4. Ruby would love this toy, she thinks it’s extra exciting if she think she’s stolen a human’s object. Your dogs look like they are having lots of fun!


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