Reviving the lost art of letter writing.

An envelope with my name on it, a drawing of an amigurumi Elf and the promise of an illustrated letter winging it’s way to me from Ziggy Shortcrust.Ziggy Shortcrust



Illustrated Letters

Do you receive letters anymore? And I don’t mean bills and junk mail. I am referring to the handwritten letter from family and friends, lovingly composed, slipped into an envelope and popped into a post box. No, I don’t suppose you do, and I expect you rarely put pen to paper yourself. It’s too easy to communicate via email and text. The hand written letter is an endangered species. So, I have decided to revive the art of letter writing and have set myself the challenge of writing a letter a day during 2013. But more than just words these will be illustrated with a Ziggy Elf. Would you like to join in this challenge and help me get letters flying around the world? If so, email me your postal address to ziggy. shortcrust @ gmail .com and I’ll send you an illustrated letter. If you want to reply to the letter that would be fantastic and, with your permission, I’ll post it up on my blog.

by Ziggy Shortcrust.

Author: gentlestitches

the future is in our hands.

13 thoughts on “Reviving the lost art of letter writing.”

  1. Hi! I came across your blog as I was posting my entry today on the handwritten letter. I have also given myself a challenge to write more notes. I enjoy reading your blog:-)


  2. Thank you so much for commenting. There is indeed no formula and I would advise young people to follow their dreams and not to hold grudges. The best thing to do is forgive those who hurt us because it is the only thing we can do that truly annoys them. 🙂 LOL!
    Also is looking for people to write letters to for her 365 letter a day challenge. Just email her your address. You do nothing. Family and friends would definitely appreciate a letter (even a short one or a card for no reason) from you


  3. Thanks for your sweet comment on my “About” page post…that’s so interested what you shared about our paths being different, but leading to similar outcomes. That’s why I love stories (in theatre, books, and real life). There are so many twists and turns in each new plot…and I delight to learn how people got to where they are. There’s no formula to figuring out this life, is there?

    Love that you’re reviving the dying art of snail mail. As you read, my husband and I used to write handwritten letters to each other all of the time. Now, a lot of our notes are on a smaller scale (post-its…counter notes…etc.), but I have a lot of girlfriends and family that live far away who I KNOW would be blessed by a handwritten letter. Thanks for this reminder. I’m inspired now to write at least one letter in the upcoming week!


  4. I am so glad you like it! Ziggy needs more people to write to.
    Tell your friends and family to take a look.
    What fun and what a lovely way to get people writing letters again.


  5. I will definitely write a letter back and I am also going to illustrate it. I am working on a drawing of a Mother Koala Bear with a cheeky baby peeking from behind her. I am not a talented drawer but I enjoy drawing anyway.:)


  6. What a fun challenge! (And I love your ziggy elf!) I actually have done a couple blog posts on this very subject and agree with you completely! It is a lost art and really needs to be revived by more people. I don’t write a letter a day, but I on average mail between 3-5 personal notes a week. I love that you are doing this challenge for 2013!


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