Melbourne City Square gets Yarnbombed (by friends of mine)


My friend belongs to a Brunswick based craft group and made big news here in Melbourne last week when they yarn bombed our City Square with the assistance of a scissor lift.


It was reported they “turned trees into rainbows”and caused many busy City dwellers who were rushing by to stop and smile.The Square


The work is stunning and well worth a look if you are in    the neighborhood. They plan to leave it in place for about six weeks.

You can’t help but wonder how they factored in the scissor lift! City Square

Well done! ( you know who you are!)

Author: gentlestitches

the future is in our hands.

27 thoughts on “Melbourne City Square gets Yarnbombed (by friends of mine)”

  1. Oh I am very pleased. Thank you so much. Here’s to much more gentle, peaceful and “cuddly” insurrection! The yarn bombing reminds us of our “humanness” and hopefully makes people smile. 🙂


  2. thanks for posting the pictures! I love your story and pictures. it was great fun to be involved in this project. if you want to see them get along down before Sunday 17th February. they will be taken down on Sunday morning…Ursula


  3. I liked your posts so much, I have added a link to them both on my blog. Great work and I hope it inspires more ‘insurrection’ of the cuddliest sort . . . ~ Linne


  4. There are some beautiful ones that are made from crochet, too, with delicate lacy looks. (Glad you mentioned the lift because I was wondering how they did it!)


  5. I love this! I wish all bombing were yarnbombing!! Thanks for sharing your pics; I’m halfway around the world and would not have known about this otherwise. Made my day! ~ Linne


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