Yarn Along in Japanese.

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I love making Amigurmi  and I love the work of Mitsuki Hoshi .I make my own Ami  patterns usually but I really wanted this book Ami Ami Dogs. I was disappointed at first that it wasn’t available in English because I can’t read Japanese . When I had a look inside though I saw that the patterns were worked  “in the round”and there were color photos detailing the assemblypage 2







combined with English numbers and clear symbols. This book is a credit to the author because as anyone who writes patterns is aware, it isn’t easy getting the idea in your head into a form that others can easily follow. Here is the dog Jack who inspired the whole project. I wanted to give the much loved Jack’s owner a unique gift. A mini Jack in cotton.speed wagge'n

Mini Jack is 2.5 cm high. Look at real Jack’s tail! It is wagging so much it can’t be photographed properly.  Check out the other Yarn Along posts, hosted by Ginny from Small Things.

Next time. Melbourne City Square gets yarn bombed by some friends of mine!

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  1. The Skinny Dogs are lurchers. That’s a sighthound crossed with a working breed. Mischa Skinny Dog is a greyhound crossed with a collie dog, but looks just like a black greyhound.


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