A slightly harder crochet flower part two.

flowersI hope all the beginner crocheters  have been practicing their chain and double crochet. If you haven’t found time no matter. You can keep these two pages for future reference. As I said in the How to crochet a slightly harder flower part one crochet is built on two stitches. Chain and double crochet. Once you can do these two stitches you can make  anything you want. Email or post me a comment if you need any assistance. I very much enjoy seeing crochet being created.


chain and double crochetYou will have a line of crochet that looks like this.Now it is time to add to it. So take up your hook and add one chain to your long line. Then do anther double crochet (we will call it” dc”) into the next dc. Next make 3 chain (we will call it ch) miss the next dc, and work 1 dc into the next dc. This forms the center of the flower and you might like to mark it with some contrasting wool so you don’t get mixed up when it comes time to sew it.




Now it is time to commence the pattern which is (work 5 chain miss 1 double crochet and then work 1 double crochet into the next double crochet) Continue until the end.


This pattern is expressed in “crochet terms”like  this. *5 ch, miss 1dc,1dc into next dc.* rep from * to * until the end.

ready to sew

When the end is reached it is time to tie it off and start stitching with the darning needle.







Sew    in a similar way as the simple flower but making sure the small end is at the   beginning.Voila! You have a beautiful crochet flower with 101 uses!

piano flower

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7 thoughts on “A slightly harder crochet flower part two.”

  1. Use 3: excellent disguise for a hole in a beginner knitter’s cardigan

    Absolutely beautiful work as always x


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