120 days and a new arrival!

Gentlystitching up addiction. Unless you live on another planet you will either know or know someone who knows someone battling addiction. If you do live on another planet please give me your address. I would love to travel widely. Meanwhile here is a site for you to check out where addiction is getting a run for it’s money one day at a time. Addiction thrives on secrecy and shame so lets get it out into the light, Addiction hates love so lets all send every addict in the world love and support to break free.

The Pensive Squirrel

Greetings fellow squirrels and squirrel lovers!  It is I, Pensive Squirrel, with announcements about the latest goings on with me and this blog.  I’ve been exceptionally busy with other pursuits lately, leaving me very little time to post things.  And when I do get any free time, I’m usually pretty wiped out.

Today’s squirrel of the day is an allusion to a wonderful gift I recently received.  But first, the squirrel – a black squirrel is actually a member of the grey squirrel family, but just has unusually high amount of pigment, making it essentially black.  Apparently it is what is called a “melanistic subgroup.”  They are pretty common in areas of Canada, from what I understand.

Having seen 120 days of being nut free come and go, it’s an interesting place to be in.  Some may have noticed that the “nut-free counter” has been reset and is now counting…

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Author: gentlestitches

the future is in our hands.

3 thoughts on “120 days and a new arrival!”

  1. I absolutely LOVE this squirrel and it is very nice to meet his pensive friend too. Sending my love right along with yours x


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