Yarn Along Wednesday

It is Yarn Along Wednesday and time to link in with Ginny at Small Things and post something about reading and making.

reading and knitting

I have returned from my holiday with my son and our  friends from BarwonHeads.  I took a stack of library books for the children and myself and some DPN needles and finally mastered “turning a heel” with the help of this excellent book. ” Sock Yarn. One-Skein Wonders” Edited by Judith Durant from the library.I was inspired to try knitting socks again by Ginny’s post  a few weeks ago and I apologise for my post looking a bit “copy cat”but as Charles Caleb Colton made famous “imitation is the greatest form of flattery” and I am so pleased to have finally mastered heel turning. I am not satisfied though as is the human condition, I now desperately want to master the art of picking up short row loops without leaving a gap. Seriously! 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Yarn Along Wednesday”

  1. I don’t knit but I enjoy your blog and remember to come visit when I see your comments at our mutual friends blog. I recently finished a HUGE queen sized quilt covered in pieced autumn leavees. So glad that is done!


  2. socks would be great they wear for so long unless of course my poodle puppy gets to them….Sarah Millgrove


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