gentlestitching for our four footed friends.

bed bowl

I posted a picture of this crocheted Kitteh bed after being inspired by Mr Bowie’s banana bed. I will put the instructions for it along with the other patterns I am working on soon. I believe these animal friendly projects are a great stash buster and can also use up the washable, synthetic yarns and I don’t need to explain why machine washable is good for these projects.

To start with, my son’s dog Jack models his new warm and very comfortable pullover.jacks jacket

This is a very easy to make pullover and can be varied by adding a more interesting stitch or by adding a non sticky in embellishment.  I will post the instructions




Many people knit and crochet squares for people in need charity and that is a wonderful thing to do. I participate myself and each year Merri Creek Primary School has a knit a long for Born To Knit.


Some other places that need your squares are the local animal welfare shelters and homes. All places that care for dog, cats and other domesticated and wild animals need donations of knitted and crocheted items. it doesn’t matter what part of the world you live in, they need your knitting and crocheting. At a knitting guild I was asked to knit pouches for orphan kangaroos and possums.  Often they just need squares knitted together to make small blankets. Call the animal welfare centre of your choice today and see how you can help.

Even one blanket or pouch will help.

Photos from Childlow Animal Hospital




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23 thoughts on “gentlestitching for our four footed friends.”

  1. Thank you so much for commenting on my blog. They are adorable aren’t they? My brother and I found a joey in our back yard when we were small and we reared it on a bottle until it grew up and hopped away. We were lucky enough to see it from time to time.


  2. What a lovely post. I loved Jack’s coat and the pouches for the Kangaroos. My knitting is so slow that the roos would be waiting a long time but I have taken all my old towels up to the RSPCA where they have a big need for them.


  3. I love the dog wrapped up in the sweater! So cute! Then I saw the kangaroozles and they are off the cuteness scale! =) Thanks for sharing . . .


  4. I have nothing but the synthetic stuff. My sons and I have have a lot of issues (rashes, itches, sometimes welts) when we come into prolonged contact with real wool. 😦

    Love the pictures of the baby kangeroos and think that the crocheted pouches are a wonderful idea 🙂 I have to admit though I would never have thought about that.

    Also, eager to learn more about crochet. 😀 I like knowing how to do it and can’t wait until I learn how to make more than just a chain so I can try making scarves, hats, blankets, and other things for my boys and me and (if I get good enough at it) for others that could use them. 🙂 Love those bowls too! I don’t have a pet yet, and David’s dog will be way too big for one of those when we get him/her lol but I can think of a lot of great ways to use that when organizing my crafts 😀


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