Glovely Squirrel.

lone glove

I have been offline due to technical difficulties (not the folks at WordPress fault) but I am back bigger and better with a Glovely Squirrel.  I spied a single glove out side an East Melbourne Doctors suite. I knew immediately it was destined to be my next Glove Squirrel. Sorry if any one came back looking for it but be comforted its life was not in vain!

A pic of the parts being assembled.

glovely squirrel



A pic of the (almost) completed Squirrel before it gets its fur.

almost finished







A meeting up with I glove Squirrel.
squirrels meet

Bye Bye Glovely Squirrel. Don’t forget to write!

bye bye Glovely

Thanks  for your fab pattern Miyako Kanamori.

More next time.

Author: gentlestitches

the future is in our hands.

20 thoughts on “Glovely Squirrel.”

    1. An excellent question you clever person. Would you believe “eye lash” wool wrapped in a traditional circular fixation and retention dressing technique? LOL. Seriously, it really is. 🙂


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