Awards from the wool room.

I have just returned from a train journey to Echuca/Moama  As usual I find my suitcase so full of craft projects and books plus my electronic dictionary, camera, and other essential items that alas, there is no room for clothes.packed suitcase
I also took some mending and completed a very complicated lace tear for a young friend of mine.lacy tear
Wool Room
I have decided to tidy my wool room for my new years resolution.  Here is a “before” picture.

I will post the “after” picture soon.


I am making wool bowls using a large hook and variegated wool

wool bowlIMGP9948Meanwhile my other resolution is to enjoy my self as often as I can and as much as I can. What about you? Any plans on changing anything, or doing anything different?

Now for the end of year nominations.  Many thanks to The Cathie Barash Blog  and An Autism Diary for my blog of the year nomination. I want to nominate  PILLOWS A-LA-MODE for the full blog of the year award plus an extra star.The lucky people who get not one but TWO stars or squirrel nuts are (drum roll please)

An Autism Diary

Spineless Wonders

Mitten’s Kittens Blog

Hands on Bowie

Sakshi Vashist

Evil Squirrel’s Nest

More awards on my next post.

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24 thoughts on “Awards from the wool room.”

  1. Thank you so much! I am glad the award is complete. I hope you get a chance (as a fellow Aussie) to see how my friend helped Santa on my “Aussie Bloke saves Christmas”. I modesty hope it will amuse. I thoroughly enjoyed the break. : )


  2. Sorry I didn’t see this until now! I’ve been pretty poor with keeping up with people’s blogs since before Christmas. But thank you very much for the stars! I managed to reach a full six for the year which was nice. And congratulations on your stars too 😉
    I hope you’ve had lovely holidays 🙂


  3. Is it wrong of me to love your ‘before’ wool picture? I am very sure I will love the ‘after’ one too! And I just adore the bowls.
    My resolution for this year is to try to work a bit harder to gain some skills. I think I have a tendency to flail around and find things I am good at without working too hard at them, and just do those. So I think I will have a year of tackling a few things I’m not naturally good at (especially in handiwork) bravely and boldly! Your lovely course at Jika Jika last year really inspired me on that front, to be try to amass a few extra and useful skills.
    Mending lace, however, may have to wait for 2014. Is there ANYTHING you can’t do??


  4. You do! His name is Hector and he is an “eco torch” His power comes from pumping his wing. Nothing thwarts us! Not even a train break down in a tunnel. Hector and I will knit and crochet on!
    I hope to see you too. I have purchased a small suitcase for scrummaging etcetera.


  5. Wow, thank you very, very much! That is extremely lovely of you! I’ve really appreciated your dedicating as a fan of Cyril and Willy! 😀

    Love your photos and hope you will keep us updated with your clean up! 🙂 Congratulations on another big win.


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